Cloud 4 Ortho can help restart the dental practices !!!

We have a set of features on our cloud based solution that will help the dental practice to return to work after the pandemic and to establish a new way of working post reopening.

Online forms and consents.

Patients can fill all the forms online from home and sign all kind of contracts and consents, all the generated PDF are immediatelly available to the practice.

Online COVID-19 Screening Form

Integrated COVID-19 Screening form.

Online Payments

Take payments offline with a complete touch free experience.

Patient Registration Process Done From Home

Speed up the registration process... move to online registration... patients can update their records securely from home before the appointment and not waste precious time and additional contact at the practice.

Virtual Consultation.

Add a Face-to-Face Online Consultation among your offers... see fewer patients in practice freeing up time between clinical patients. You may want to consider offering an Online Consultation before suggesting an in-house appointment.

Speed Up The Patient Check-in Process

Contact less check-in using our Facial Recognition check-in.

Speed Up The Patient Check-out Process

Our innovative touch-free payment system will allow the practice to complete the checkout process quicker and with less interaction with the patient.

Save Money.

Reduce your IT costs by simplifying your IT infrastructure.

Save More Money.

Move away from an old and expensive Practice Management Software by utilising a cheaper Cloud-based software... you can do everything online and also included are many unique innovative features...

Work From Home.

Transfer admin work from surgery to home... Take advantage of online integrated software that can help yours and your staff day by day work.

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